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Hungary Immigration

Our company has obtained the exclusive license from Ramada Hotel And Resort Lake Balaton to sell the shares in the hotel in the Greater China Area, which includes Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. The corresponding exclusive mandate can be viewed below:







Immigration Information

1. Client invest in the Ramada Hotel and Resort Lake Balaton Hotel, acquires 0.5% of the shares of the property and the hotel management company for EUR 92`000

The shares in the Hotel have a lock-up period for 5 years, after which they can be freely sold on the secondary market.

The secondary market shares also have one immigration mandate, so the client can sell the shares to another immigrant after 5 years

2. Client pays EUR 48`000 Immigration service fees, which cover all immigration related expenditures, legal fees for a 3 year residence permit to Hungary (EU member, Schengen Zone Member). The 3 years residence permit can be:

  • Extended for another 3-5 years after 3 years
  • Changed to a Permanent Residence Permit after 3 years if the immigration requirements have been met (client has to stay in the EU for 270 out of 365 days per year)

3. Client will become a member of the advisory board of the Ramada Hotel and Resort Lake Balaton

4. Client and Client family (married spouse, all children under 18 years of age) will receive a full comprehensive EU health insurance (at around EUR 100/person/year), which covers terminal diseases like cancer free of charge within the Hungarian medical system

5. Client will receive a proof of residence in Hungary / EU.

6. Children can enjoy education in Hungary free of charge including elementary school, high school and university until a Bachelor Degree. 
Client can freely reside, travel, work[1] and start a business anywhere in the EU 

7. Client will receive a VIP Membership Package for the Ramada Hotel and Resort Lake Balaton, which grants the following privileges to the client:
30 days of vacation in the Ramada Hotel and Resort Lake Balaton

  • In the summer months of  July and August, the 1 day is counted as 2 days
  • Hotel stay can be transferred to friends and family members
  • Free Airport  transfer, translation service, discounts on several free time activities at the Resort ( Golf, sailing,  motor boat ride, etc.)
  • Dividend based on the share ownership in the hotel, expected return is between 2%-3%
  • If the client uses up all 30 days per year for the accommodation, that is reduced from the dividend paid out to the client
  • If the client choses not to make use of their free stay in the hotel, the dividend is increased by the amount of time not used up every year

8. The procedure takes approximately 2-4 months; one visit to Hungary is necessary for the client and family

9. The immigration documents can be signed at one of the Hungarian Consulates around the world.

10. Full refund is provided to the client in case the immigration is not successful due to the fault of the immigration service provider; 90% refund is provided in case the immigration is not successful due to the investor providing false information or forged documents.

Ramada Hotel and Resort Lake Balaton Information

Hungary Immigration/

  • Location: 100 km South-West of Budapest, Capital of Hungary, 200 km South-East of Vienna, capital of Austria
  • Stars: 4
  • Rooms: 210
  • Net Floor Area: 13800 sqm
  • Net plot area: 25800 sqm
  • Revenue (2014): HUF 700 million (EUR 2,3 million)
  • Profits (2014,after tax) HUF 200 million (~EUR 700,000)
  • Full Time Employees: 100(winter)-120(summer)

Hungary Immigration/

Hungary Immigration/

Residence Permit Information

Hungary Immigration/

  • Hungary 3 year residence permit
  • Can be infinitely extended even if the immigration requirements have not been met for another 3 years
  • Can be turned into a permanent residence permit after 3 years if the immigration requirements have been met (no more absence of the EU than 90 days / year, for a consecutive 3 years)
  • Permanent residence permit is valid for 5 years, after 5 years it has to be reviewed and extended
  • Renewal costs for the first renewal after 3 years are covered in the immigration service fees paid by the client


[1] Work is subject to a valid offer from a company in an EU country. In countries other than Hungary, the client will have to apply for a local work permit which will be granted after the client has obtained an offer from a local company. Based on the Hungarian residence permit, the client can open bank accounts anywhere in the EU.