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Germany Investment

Our company has obtained the exclusive license from ImWest – westdeutsche Immobiliengesellschaft Projekt Klimaschutzsiedlung Düren mbH to sell their properties in the Greater China Area, which includes Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. This is a project of 56 units of energy efficient homes in Düren, NRW, Germany, and investors in this project have the option to incorporate a German limited company (GmbH) and become general managers of their company. Based on their company formation, they can apply for a residence permit to the territory of Germany so that they can further create value for their companies and for Germany.

Germany Investment/

Immigration and Investment Guide

Day 0

  • Client signs the Immigration and Investment Assignment Contract in the immigration company,
  • Client makes available his/her personal data
  • Additional data and certificates are provided by the client:
    • Passport copies and scans
    • Financial institution certificate of the value of minimum 300,000 EUR issued concerning a bank account managed in Germany or abroad
    • 4 certificate photos (coloured photos)
    • Certificate of Non-Criminal Record – Required at the application for the residence permit at the Consulate General of Germany in Shanghai or other cities in China
  • Client transfers the project participation and project management fee of 70,000€ to Aurequus Group Designated account.
  • Client signs the Power of Attorney (Appendix 2)
  • The immigration company sends Aurequus Group the complete contract package of the client and Aurequus Group will return it signed to the immigration company. Parties can also choose to sign the documents digitally to speed up the process of immigration.

Germany Investment/

Day 1

  • Aurequus will organise the following documents for the client for signing, after which the client signs these documents and all other parties counter-sign them:
    • Reservation Agreement (Appendix 1)
    • Money Return Agreement (Appendix 3)
    • Residence Permit Application Guide (Appendix 4)
    • Property Sales and Purchase Agreement (Kaufvertrag) (Appenix 5)
      • Filling in the Official Application Form for Immigration (to be submitted at the Consulate)
      • Aurequus Group will assist the client to fill out the immigration document based on the client data provided.
  • Client transfers 40% of the property purchase price 300,000€ (120,000 €)[1], the Lawyers fee of 25,000€ and 25,000€ for the GmbH registered capital, and Stamp Duty, Legal Fees and other fees related to the purchase of the real estate EUR 25,500 or 8.5% of the sales price of the property cumulatively EUR 195, 500to his own GmbH designated Account

Germany Investment/

Day 2 – 15   Submission of all documents to German Consulate in China and copy to the lawyers in Germany – organised by Aurequus

Day 16


  • Signing the application and submitting it personally to the Consulate with the mandatory appendices. The appropriate appendices will be handed over by Aurequus to the client for a complete application.
  • Documents that certify the purpose of residence (company papers, business plan) – will be organized by Aurequus und ImWest
  • Documents that certify subsistence in Germany
  • Financial institution certificate issued concerning a bank account managed either in Germany or abroad
  • Documents that certify the existence of the place of accommodation
  • Habitability statement
  • Property sheet
    • It will be organised by Aurequus and ImWest
  • Insurance related documents
  • Contract signed with the insurance company

o  Aurequus and ImWest will prepare the documents, client will sign them

  • Documents that certify the conditions of outward journey
  • A passport that is valid at least for three months after the expiry of the residence permit
  • Payment of the procedure fee (EUR 60)

Germany Investment/

Days 17-60

  • Decision will be made based on the submitted documents, then provided the decision is positive, the next step is the hearing held at the Consulate. Answering the questions concerning the purpose of residence, subsistence and the business activity.


At the latest Day 60

  • The Immigration Authorities in Germany will issue the client and client family a “D” Visa. Travelling to Germany with a visa “D” that entitles its owner to receive the residence permit. Within 3 working days from this notification the client has to pay the further outstanding fees: Property Purchase Price (EUR 180,000)

Germany Investment/

At the latest day 60 +3 days

  • Appearance at that regional directorate of the Office of Immigration and Nationality, which is competent as regards domicile of the investor, for the purpose of receiving the residence permit and for reporting the place of residence in Germany
  • At the time of submitting the application preparing a passport photo for the purpose of issuing the document entitling its owner for residence, which will contain biometric data as well

Client has to visit personally the Immigration Office within 3 days after travelling to Germany with a “D” visa. The Consulate will forward the entire related documentation package of the investor to this place.

Germany Investment/ Germany Investment/ Germany Investment/ 


The residence permit will be prepared within a 2-3-week time frame. The investor can choose to wait for the permits to be issued in Germany or can travel back to China. If the investor choses to travel to China, the documents will be sent to Client via DHL or other means of insured international postage.

[1]The actual investment amount is specified in the Reservation Agreement (Appendix 1) of the actual property chosen by the client