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Hungary Residency Services

Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe, an EU member and falls within the Schengen zone. The capital is Budapest, a beautiful tourist destination. Hungary’s national currency is the Hungarian forint (HUF).

Hungary Residency Services/

Shengen Area


  •     EU member country
  •     Visa free travel to schengen and other EU countries
  •     Cheapest Immigration Program in Europe
  •     Affordable and Cheaper cost of living in Hungary

Hungary Residency Services/

Hungary Residency Services/

In December 2012, the Parliament of Hungary has passed the legislation to grant permanent residency permit and ultimately citizenship to investors who purchase the Residency Bond:

The amendments to Act No. 2 of 2007 on the Admission and Right of Residence of Third-Country Nationals (the “Act”) entering into force on 28 December 2012 enabled third country nationals to apply for the issuance of Hungarian residency permits on account of subscribing for securities issued by an approved enterprise which invests in special Hungarian government bond.
Pursuant to the authorization of the Act and for the reasons set forth in Section 28 (4) a) aa) of the Act the Minister for National Economy as the Minister responsible for the state budget will procure the issuance of government bonds in the name of the Hungarian State. The Minister for National Economy shall perform this task, as well as the arrangement of the issuance through ÁKK Zrt pursuant to the authorization set forth in Section 1 of the NGM Decree (Decree of the Ministry for National Economy) No. 4/2013. (II. 19.) on the detailed regulations of the issuance of the government bond described in the act on the admission and right of residence of third-country nationals.
The Act prescribes that only such an enterprise may subscribe for the residency government bond that has entered into an agreement with ÁKK Zrt in relation to the placement of the residency government bonds, and that has been approved by the Economic and Information Technology Committee of the Hungarian Parliament.

Aurequus International Limited offers fast track service to immigrant investors via The Consulate of Hungary in Singapore.

Within 8 days the investors can get access to The European Union and start a new life in their new country of residency.

The associated fees are:

1. EUR 250`000 : Government Bond Fee (5 years, 0 interest, 100% refundable after 5 years)

2. EUR 45`000 : Service Fee

3. EUR 2`000 / year: Registered address fee (optional) – if no place of residency in Europe

Hungary Residency Services/

Being the exclusive partner of SPB Private Bank in China, we offer exclusively to re-capitalise the investors with a major part of the initial EUR 250`000 via the services of SPB Private Bank, which include the following financial products or real estate investments in Hungary:

Government bonds
Corporate bonds
Investment funds

Hungary Residency Services/